Tuesday, April 25, 2017

LED Bias Aquarium Lighting

We are now offering LED Bias Lighting for your aquarium background!

A Beautiful Final Touch...
Really show off your aquarium and fish display with our LED Bias Lighting System! Choose your color and theme, set to steady, flash or strobe and their rates, even control the brightness.

Our LED Bias Lighting System can be mounted to the back of your aquarium to illuminate the wall behind in a cascade of colors or to the wall itself to project and/or tint through our backgrounds.  Yes...our backgrounds are designed to support back lighting just like a TV or computer monitor.

Awesome in the Dark or the Light!
Easy installation with peel and stick simplicity!  Attach the LED strips to the back of your tank, the back of our background or the wall itself. Set your preferences with the included remote control, plug the system into the wall or your power strip and you are ready for a beautiful, accent light show.

For a limited time only, we are offering our LED Bias Lighting System for only $39.99 with your purchase of any one of our backgrounds.  Look for the option on our checkout page!  You're gonna love this!

Add the new lighting system to your order during the checkout process at DeepBlueThemes.com! If you have any additional questions, contact us!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

FAQ About Deep Blue Themes Aquarium Backgrounds

FAQ's About DeepBlueThemes.com Backgrounds

Q. How do I install my aquarium background?

A. Your aquarium background is specifically designed to install on the back of your tank.  You simply attach the background to the back of your tank following our online Installation Instructions, securing it in place with tape and/or with our 20/20 Aquarium Background Mounting Solution.

Q. Do I need to trim my aquarium background to fit my tank?

A.  No!  We custom size your aquarium background to the size of your tank for free.  You will be asked for your tank, background measurements (height and width) during the check-out process and we will send you a proof for your approval.

Q. Do I need to worry about bubbles in the vinyl?

A. Absolutely not!  Our exclusive materials and manufacturing process makes it impossible to have any bubbles during installation.

Q. How long does it take to receive my aquarium background?

A. Our products are made specifically based upon your design choice and size which may take 2-3 days to create.  Then, depending upon your shipping choices and location, may take anywhere from 1 to 5 days to receive via USPS or even longer for overseas, international shipping.  More information is available during the check-out process.

Q. What makes DeepBlueThemes.com aquarium backgrounds "Premium"?

A. We have created an exclusive combination of materials, inks and processes that produce a problem-free, extremely long life, UV protected, easily to clean, simple to install and absolutely beautiful product not available anywhere else.

Q. What is your return policy?

A. We produce your product specifically for you when you place your order and provide you with a proof for your approval of the design, quality and size.  Because this is a custom sized and printed product...all sales are final.

Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. Of course!  We ship our aquarium backgrounds anywhere in the world.  Your shipping cost will vary depending upon your location as will the delivery time.  Once you choose that perfect background, you will be provided with multiple shipping options on our check-out page.

Q. What if I have problems applying my aquarium background?

A. It is virtually impossible to have any problems mounting our premium aquarium backgrounds.  You simply attach the background to the back of your tank following our online Installation Instructions, securing it in place with tape and/or with our 20/20 Aquarium Background Mounting Solution.

Q. I have an image or photograph I would like to use as my aquarium background.  Can you do that for me?

A. Absolutely!  We accept customer submitted images (your photos), modify and manipulate existing image and our on-staff, graphic artists can even create designs from scratch.  Visit our Custom Backgrounds Page for more information and one of our associates will walk you through the process.

Q. What is high-definition and high-resolution?

A. Our images are high-definition meaning they are huge, high-quality and never appear blurred or pixelated.  These images are printed on $25,000.00 printers at up to 1440 DPI (dots per inch) on our exclusive, premium materials.  Simply put...no one produces a more detailed, vibrant, beautiful or professional product.  We have perfected this process over many years and continue to modify our product as technology advances.

Q. Where do you get your beautiful images and graphics?

A. Our images and designs are a combination of graphics produced by our graphic artists, public domain (eg. Free use) images and licensed images from various artists and photographers.

Q. Are your products reusable?

A. Yes!  Our exclusive materials allow you to install your background, remove it and re-install it again.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Proper Fish Food Diet Based On Species

There are numerous fish foods available which makes it difficult to know which food is right for your fish. Fish have different diets based on their species so it's important to know what category your fish is in:

Herbivore - plant eater
Carnivore - meat eater
Omnivore - consumer of both plants and
meaty foods... the vast majority of aquarium
fish fit into this category

"Many of the staple diets do a very good job of providing a broad range of essential nutrients required for good health. But, we believe that variety in the diet is important to good nutrition and the well-being of your fish. Offering a variety of foods, in addition to the "staple" diet, ensures better nutrition and enriches the diet of your fish with more tastes and textures." - LiveAquaria.com

Click the image below to see use this chart as a guideline for feeding your freshwater or saltwater fish.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Aquarium Background Holiday Gifts

Have a fish-lover friend who deserves the BEST present this Holiday Season? We have just the thing!

Browse through hundreds of aquarium backgrounds to find the one that's perfect for your loved one's aquarium. From mermaids to sunsets, we have a wide variety of designs that fit any style home or personality. A gift from Deep Blue Themes will bring joy to your loved one's home for years to come.

Don't know which design they would love the most? Get them a gift certificate so they can choose a design for themselves!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

20/20 Aquarium Background Mounting Solution

Seals, Adheres & Enhances Your Background!
Our 20/20 Aquarium Background Mounting Solution, when applied to the printed side of your aquarium background and attached to the back of your tank, aides in a secure adhesion, seals out air bubbles and actually enhances the background image!

The results are dramatic! Our special safe, oil based liquid creates a light enhancing contrast and color dynamic that will make your background "pop" and look many times more detailed, clear and professional. The final touch for a true and perfect aquarium theme!

An Undeniable Difference
DeepBlueThemes.com offers the highest quality, most professional aquarium background designs and products. Depending upon your tank, the magnificent graphics we provide will be viewed through two plates of glass and a bunch of water. Our 20/20 Aquarium Background Mounting Solution allows your already amazing background to look absolutely awesome!

Any aquarium background, when attached to the back of your tank will have air caught between the vinyl graphic and the glass. It is simply physics. Our 20/20 Aquarium Background Mounting Solution fills that gap and essentially makes the background and the glass merge with an air-tight seal.

Our safe, oil based solution causes our backgrounds to adhere to the glass on the back of your tank securely. You simply apply our solution to the image side of your background graphic, press it to the back of your aquarium glass and squeegee (using a credit card or similar item) the graphic to the glass forming a perfect but easily removable seal.

Using our 20/20 Solution
Trim your DeepBlueThemes.com background and lay it face up (eg. Image up) on a flat surface. Apply the 20/20 solution liberally upon the image and spread it out with your hands.  Lightly wipe off any excess then place your background on the back of your tank with the image facing the front of your tank. Use a credit card or towel to smooth out the background and wipe off any excess solution. Finally...tape your background in place around all four sides...completely.

Our 20/20 solution is offered during checkout when purchasing an aquarium background.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Columbus Day 2016 SALE!


Saturday, October 8, 2016
Sunday, October 9, 2016
Monday, October 10, 2016

Enter code: COLUMBUS
at checkout to receive 20% OFF your total!

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Friday, July 15, 2016

The Best Fish Tank Size For Me

There are so many things to consider when you're looking to add a fish tank to your home. One of the most important things to think about is how large of a fish tank would be best for you and your family. However, before you can decide on a size, you have to pick a spot in your home to put your tank.

Having your fish tank in your living space, where you spend most of your time, is a great idea. This gives you more opportunity to enjoy your aquarium and ensures you'll be more inclined to maintain it efficiently. You should also place your tank somewhere there are available outlets and a water source.

Once you find the perfect spot for your fish tank, you can think about choosing a size that fits. Here are some suggestions:

• If you're going to have small, schooling fish, then a tank 30 gallons or less would be a good choice.

• Fancy goldfish can get quite large and need plenty of room, so consider a tank 30 gallons or larger.

• A tank that's meant to be a family hobby should be about 30-50 gallons. This size isn't too much to maintain but still provides space for a decent amount of fish.

• Larger, tropical fish (piranhas, sharks, or cichlids, for example) need a tank at least 40 gallons since they can grow to a bigger size.

• If you're going to fill your tank with a variety of animals, such as catfish, amphibians, and eels, a tank in the 55 gallon range ensures space for all species to claim their own territory.

• A tank that's 70 gallons or larger needs to be in a space that can sustain it's weight. Water weighs 3.78 pounds per gallon, and your tank adds even more weight, so make sure you have efficient floor structure to support it.

In addition to location and size of your tank, the shape you choose is important as well. If you're interested in a tall tank, remember that you will have to be able to reach the bottom to clean it. A bow front aquarium is a beautiful, stylish choice.

Fish bowls are required for Betta Fish, but should be avoided for other fish due to lack of space and aeration (the process by which air is circulated through, mixed with or dissolved in a liquid or substance).

No matter what size, shape, or location you choose for your aquarium, a background from Deep Blue Themes is sure to make it look beautiful! We offer hundreds of designs and even offer custom backgrounds for ANY SIZE aquarium. Visit us today to turn your aquarium into the centerpiece of your home!