Friday, July 15, 2016

The Best Fish Tank Size For Me

There are so many things to consider when you're looking to add a fish tank to your home. One of the most important things to think about is how large of a fish tank would be best for you and your family. However, before you can decide on a size, you have to pick a spot in your home to put your tank.

Having your fish tank in your living space, where you spend most of your time, is a great idea. This gives you more opportunity to enjoy your aquarium and ensures you'll be more inclined to maintain it efficiently. You should also place your tank somewhere there are available outlets and a water source.

Once you find the perfect spot for your fish tank, you can think about choosing a size that fits. Here are some suggestions:

• If you're going to have small, schooling fish, then a tank 30 gallons or less would be a good choice.

• Fancy goldfish can get quite large and need plenty of room, so consider a tank 30 gallons or larger.

• A tank that's meant to be a family hobby should be about 30-50 gallons. This size isn't too much to maintain but still provides space for a decent amount of fish.

• Larger, tropical fish (piranhas, sharks, or cichlids, for example) need a tank at least 40 gallons since they can grow to a bigger size.

• If you're going to fill your tank with a variety of animals, such as catfish, amphibians, and eels, a tank in the 55 gallon range ensures space for all species to claim their own territory.

• A tank that's 70 gallons or larger needs to be in a space that can sustain it's weight. Water weighs 3.78 pounds per gallon, and your tank adds even more weight, so make sure you have efficient floor structure to support it.

In addition to location and size of your tank, the shape you choose is important as well. If you're interested in a tall tank, remember that you will have to be able to reach the bottom to clean it. A bow front aquarium is a beautiful, stylish choice.

Fish bowls are required for Betta Fish, but should be avoided for other fish due to lack of space and aeration (the process by which air is circulated through, mixed with or dissolved in a liquid or substance).

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Deep Blue Themes Gift Certificates

Not Sure What to Get for that Special Someone?

Our Gift Certificates are good for any product or service offered at!  We offer these in any amount with a special certificate number so all your recipient needs to do is email us...let us know what product they wish to purchase and we will handle the rest. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service to make your recipient's purchase a pleasure.

Simply follow this link: Gift Certificate then click the BUY NOW button to the right, fill in all the information and we will email your certificate to you. You can then print it, email it or deliver however you wish. If you want...we can even fill in the "TO" and "FROM" names to make it look all that more specialized for that special someone.

HINT:  If you know the size of the recipient's tank, you can click on any design we offer, and from the checkout page, select the options you wish to include on the gift certificate. Use the total at the bottom of the page and purchase your gift certificate in that amount!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Best, Premium Aquarium Backgrounds

The Best, Premium Aquarium Backgrounds for Any Size Tank.

Our aquarium backgrounds are the highest quality product available. High definition images printed at high resolution on professional, glossy, waterproof materials. Beautiful, durable and custom sized for your aquarium. We cater to home, office, and professional display customers providing the best product and customer service. The perfect final touch to your fish tank or terrarium and an investment in quality and beauty that will last for many, many years.

With over 40 categories, each containing dozens of options, we're sure to have the design that would perfectly match your tank. If you don't find that perfect design among the variety we offer, contact us to create a custom background.

Our backgrounds are printed on a specialized material exclusively designed for aquarium backgrounds. This material is not only durable and beautiful, but also waterproof and made for a long can also be illuminated from behind!

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Monday, May 16, 2016

How to Clean Your Fish Tank

It's very important to keep your fish tank clean. If your tank has live plants, it's best to clean your tank weekly. For fake plant tanks, you should check water parameters weekly and clean your tank accordingly. Tanks that have a good filtration system should be cleaned at least monthly.

While cleaning your tank may be time consuming, it is essential. Follow the instructions below on how to clean your tank.

• Unplug the heater
• Remove fake plants and decorations
• Clean the sides of the aquarium with an algae sponge
• Turn off your pump
• Disconnect your filter and take it to your sink
• While you're waiting for debris to settle in the tank, clean your decorations, plants, and filter
• Use a gravel cleaner (a siphon which attached to a faucet, or a manual siphon used with a bucket to collect the water) to clean out the debris that settled at the bottom of your tank. When the water level drops to about 3/4 less than it was, it's time to stop the gravel cleaner
• Use water that's the same temperature that's already in the tank to start filling it back to it's original level
• If you have chlorine in your water source, add some de-chlorinator while the tank is re-filling
• Replace your plants and decorations in your tank
• Reconnect your filter
• Plug in your heater and restart your pump

Friday, May 6, 2016


Over at Aquarium Backgrounds we offer over 500 beautiful aquarium backgrounds.  We custom size your background to fit your specific aquarium, send you a proof for your approval and even offer a number of accessories.  But with 500+ designs and many options to choose from, our shopping experience can be a bit overwhelming for some customers.

Today we introduce where we offer the same premium aquarium backgrounds and service in a simplified shopping format.

The Same Premium Aquarium Backgrounds and a Simplified Shopping Experience

So if you are looking for the largest selection of aquarium backgrounds with every possible option, or a custom background...visit us at  But if you are looking for only our most popular aquarium background designs with a clear glossy finish in seven standard sizes to fit most any tank...check our new website at

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Why Choose a Aquarium Background?

Your aquarium is a beautiful investment in time and money that will provide years of entertainment, elegance and excitement for you, your children and even your guests.  It is not only a hobby but typically occupies a large portion of your room as a piece of furniture.

Most store bought aquarium backgrounds are available in a limited selection of designs, using snap-shots taken by a typical camera that you are supposed to attach to your tank and cut pieces off to make the sticker fit. aquarium background is a professional grade product made from the best materials including thick, premium vinyl printed using CMYK ink on professional printers and laminated with a clear glossy, UV protectant film that give depth and brilliance to the image.  Our images are licensed from artists and photographers and captured at the highest digital resolution, perfect for printing for the largest of home-based aquarium.

We offer hundreds of designs in many different categories to express your personal attitude, to fit the atmosphere of your room and to provide years of beauty.  Our graphic artists prepare each background by hand placing the image within the dimensions of your tank assuring a perfect fit and we even offer our exclusive 20/20 Mounting Solution to enhance and more easily attach your background to your tank.  We even provide you with a proof of the final design to assure that it is just perfect for your application.  Upon request, we can even prepare your background for installation inside your tank or modify the image for your specific situation.  Separately, we offer a custom design service for unique graphic requests.

Visit us at, browse our huge selection of designs and categories and see the difference a quality piece of artwork, printed on an exclusive combination of materials can do to enhance the beauty of your aquarium investment.